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Abstract : Anti-inflammatory intermediaries like Ficolin-3 (FCN-3) have a central function in the disease regulation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This study was designed to explore the relationship between FCN-3 and cert anthropometric measurements in RA patients with and without COVID19 and to investigate whether there are any correlations between FCN-3 with a Number of Anthropometric measurements. The study comprised 28 patients with RA and 28 of who infected with COVID-19 previously diagnosed with RA and 28 age- and sex-matched healthy control subjects (HCs). FCN-3serum concentrations were estimated by ELISA. The width of waist (W.W), hip (W.H), thorax (W.T) and neck (W.N) were calculated, along with body mass index (BMI) for all subjects. Ficolin-3 serum concentrations were significantly greater in patients with RA and RA with Covid-19 patients Nevertheless, RA patients and RA with Covid-19 patients showed lower levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Elevated serum concentrations of FCN-3 were found to be positively associated with waist to hip ratio (W/H), waist to thoracic ratio (W/T), waist to neck ratio (W/N), ESR, while raised serum concentrations of FCN-3 were positively related with W/H, W/T, SBP, DBP, creatinine and total cholesterol (TC). FCN-3 exhibited the highest ROC curve value in comparison to other studied markers. Serum Ficolin-3 levels can be used as a novel biomarker in the detection of RA and may be an effective biomarker in the diagnostic test of RA.

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