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Abstract : Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is an a myelopolifrative disorder characterized by the presence of an acquired mutation which affects the hematopoietic stem cell. Therefore, this study aims to investigate whether (imatinib or nilotinib) which are not harmful when used for long years. Theoretically, the Hyper Chem program was used to extract data (QSAR) to determine drug toxicity, which includes (Surface area, volume, Refractivity, Hydration energy, Partial charges, Polarizability, Mass, log P). And using this data in the PIC50 equation to extract to calculate the half - maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50). In the practical part. The analyzes that containing (GOT, GPT, GSH, and NF-KB), was used to analyze 35 sample patients were classified as receiving imatinib treatment and 35 sample patients were classified as receiving nilotinib treatment. We found in the drug imatinib the IC50 value was (1.258) the value was significantly lower than the value of nilotinib (3.732). A high proportion of (GOT, GPT, GSH, and NF-KB) was found in the group using nilotinib. It was proven that imatinib is an effective and safe treatment when used for many years.

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