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Abstract : Studies suggested a relation between ABO blood groups and COVID-19 infection severity. A study found that blood group O persons were less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV compared to non-blood group O. This may be due to the genetic association of ABO blood groups with susceptibility to COVID-19 also Rh(D) phenotypes (positive and negative zRh blood types) or ABO grouping of covid-19 patients may be related to immune response. The current study is cross sectional study that had occurred from 17th December in 2020 until 3rd April in 2021. Data collected from 518 patient with covid19. This study found that age group (20-29) years had higher frequency of infection. Predominant blood groups among infected patients were (34.1%), (28.3%), (21.3%) for O+, A+, B+ respectively. High percentage of severe infection among blood group A+ while high frequency of O+ patients were mild to moderate infections about (45.9%). Infected patients had blood group O+,A+,B+,AB+,O-,B-,A- and AB- respectively from high to low percentage. The severity of signs and symptoms was higher for individuals with blood group A+.

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