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Abstract : Colorectal cancer is a widespread illness that begins with unusual growth of the inner colon or rectum and progresses to the entire thickness of the epithelial lining before spreading to nearby lymph nodes and tissues and eventually distant metastases. It’s one of the most challenging cancers to treat, with severe symptoms that worsen, become more obvious and specific as the disease progresses, with a high mortality rate and minimal survival if detected late or untreated. The serum carcinoembryonic antigen isn't created in large amounts after birth, but it's raised in colorectal cancer. The participants of the study were 180 cases, comprising patients and healthy people, separated into two categories: The first had 90 patients, 47 men, and 43 women. The second group had 90 healthy individuals including 60 men and 30 women. All individuals were subjected to blood sampling for measuring their serum CEA using the Sandwich principle (Cobas E411). The mean serum CEA concentration was significantly higher (P = 0.013) in CRC than healthy controls. Determine the effectiveness and validity of blood CEA levels in diagnosing colorectal cancer.

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