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Abstract : Skin warts is the most common viral skin infection, Effective vitamin D3 has been utilized to treat skin warts nowadays, in the past many other methods were used to treat warts like electrocautery, cryotherapy, or laser ablation. Intralesional substance D3 infusion is now used in the management of all type of this disease. Forty-five patients were treated with vitamin D3 injection (males and females), all got an intralesional infusion of 0.2 mL of nutrient of this 100,000 IU into the foundation of mother affected lesion for two meetings and first month and fourth months after the methodology. The level of the reaction was characterized as complete, fractional, and no response. To assess the viability and security of intralesional (IL) nutrient D3 100,000 IU was infused in the treatment of skin warts. A total of 45 patients who complain of skin warts and accept to participate in this study who attended the dermatology department of both genders were included in this study, aged between 20-45 years old randomly selected. This study showed that the efficacy of vitamin D3 in the treatment of skin warts was 86.6 %. The new treatment of skin warts using vitamin D3 100,000 IU injection is more effective than the traditional warts treatment.

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