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Abstract : Cervical cancer, which is generally caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infec-tion is the first prevalent gynecological cancer worldwide. Paclitaxel, a new anticancer agent has a wide spectrum of antineoplastic activity the first microtubule-stabilizing agent. It has in vitro cytotoxicity against human ovary, breast, cervical, pancreas, prostate, head, and neck, colon, gastric, bladder, lung, and CNS cancers, melanoma, and leukemia cell lines, often at concentrations lower than those achieved in the serum of patients. Metformin has been widely utilized as an anti-diabetic drug due to its excellent therapeutic effect on sugar levels and very minor adverse effects .Material and Meth-ods: Metformin used in present study , Human cervical cancer cell lines, Cytotoxicity assays and Determination maximum inhibitory concentration Results: current results showed that a comparison of the Influence of metformin with the similar dose of paclitaxel showed the non-significant difference between the two drug and the cytotoxic effects of paclitaxel rather than metformin on normal breast cells after 72 hours when ap-plied to HBL100 and suggestion a therapeutic antitumor impact of metformin that is less harmful effect to normal tissues IC 50 on (HBL10048.910) in contract to IC50 of met-formin (Hela 7.447). Conclusion: The present study confirms on the therapeutic value of metformin in patients with cervical cancer.

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