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Abstract : In the healthcare field, abbreviations are frequently used to communicate information. However, abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations are only useful when everyone who will be deciphering the information understands their intended meaning and there is no chance of misinterpretation. Certain abbreviations appear to be more error-prone than others, and the errors that result can have serious or even fatal consequences. As a result, we've gone over the abbreviations that can lead to misunderstandings or mistakes. The study was conducted in Baghdad, Iraq, from October 2018 to February 2019. It is conducted in four hospitals: Baghdad Pedagogical Center, Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Saint Raphael's Hospital (Al Rahibat) and Al-Elwiya Pedagogical Hospital. Medical personnel in these hospitals have assessed their knowledge of dangerous abbreviations. The medical personnel tested have been divided into three groups: doctors, pharmacists and other medical personnel. The first set of data was collected on 3 December to measure knowledge about dangerous abbreviations over a four-month evaluation period at six specific time points, a total of 100 medication orders where review dangerous abbreviations for each was collected. We found pharmacists 57, divided into 22 of whom had information, 6 of whom had no idea and 29 of whom had little information. And 24 doctors, 12 of whom have information, 6 have no idea and 6 have little information. And the nurses and other 20 were divided into two. 3 had no idea, and 15 of them had little knowledge. The present study found a high use in hospitals of dangerous and unapproved abbreviations by doctors and nurses. The majority of the abbreviations identified are few dangerous abbreviations. A high percentage of doctors and nurses surveyed were unaware of the correct significance of the most common dangerous and unapproved abbreviations. In addition to education, a quality improvement intervention must be instituted to reduce the use of abbreviations in hospitals.

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