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Abstract : Breast engorgement is a common problem that affects the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. Limited solutions are available to relieve the discomfort associated with breast engorgement. To compare the effectiveness of cold cabbage leaves compresses versus hot compresses for relieving breast engorgement among postnatal mothers. A quasi- experimental study design was used. The study was conducted in the postnatal ward at two selected hospitals in Mansoura city, Dakhalia Governorate, Egypt. A convenient sample of (120) Postnatal mothers with breast engorgement divided into 2 groups. Tool of data collection composed of three parts, I. structured interview questionnaire sheet included socio-demographic data as age, level of education. II: Six point breast engorgement scale were used to assess the severity of pain and engorgement level. III: visual analogue pain rating scale used to assess redness, edema of the breast. There were no statistically significant difference between both groups related to symptoms of breast engorgement & body temperature before intervention while breast temperature, scores of breast engorgement and pain were statistically significant between two groups pre and post intervention, and significant improvements in the breast engorgement and pain scales pre and post intervention, (p < 0.001). This study found that raw cabbage leaves compresses and hot compresses for relieving breast engorgement is easy to perform and is time efficient. Hot compresses are better than raw cabbage leaves compresses to reduced discomfort and relieving breast engorgement among postnatal mothers.

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