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Abstract : The Azadirachta indica (neem) show an important role in diseases prevention and treatment through the enhancement of antioxidant activity, inhibition of bacterial growth, and modulation of genetic pathways. This study investigate the protective effect of Azadircta indica on L-arginine induced acute pancreatitis in rats. A randomized prospective controlled study on animals that conducted on thirty apparently healthy male albino rats albino rats randomly divided in to three groups: normal feeding group, induced pancreatitis by L-arginine group, and induced pancreatitis by L-arginine then treated by (Azadirtichaindica) group. The level of serum lipase were significantly reduced after treatment with Azadirachta indica, significant improvement in the tissue necrosis of acute pancreatitis of rats when treated with Azadirachta indica in addition to a significant reduction in the level of histopathological parameters and score after treatment with Azadirachta indica when compared with acute pancreatitis induced non-treated group.

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