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Abstract : Children are largely spared from the direct health effects of COVID-19, nevertheless, they are among the biggest victims because of the profound effect on their mental well-being, social development, safety, privacy, and their economic security. Studying the effect of home quarantine on the mental and psychological wellbeing of the under five years' children compared with their own status prior to the quarantine. A comparative retrospective cross sectional survey study was carried out online. A sample of 200 under-five age children was taken and their primary care giver had answered the questions. The study was done in 2020. A statistically significant difference between the mean score of the children before and after quarantine (t= -6.8, p=.0001), most of the changes were increase screen time, increase stubbornness, clinging to parents, anger and sleeping problems. Home quarantine had a significant effect on the psychological status and behaviour of under-five age children.

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