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Abstract : A statistical study on the prevalence of anemia among pregnant women in the city of Baghdad during the COVID-19 pandemic (May 2020 to September 2021) was conducted by this paper. Data were collected from women whose ages ranged between 18-38 years, their gestation period ranged from 3-9 months and from visitors to 85 private clinics and laboratories in the capital, Baghdad, on both sides of Rusafa and Karkh. The results of the disease studied were obtained by performing a CBC test. While the chronic diseases that were observed in the sample women were diabetes and hypertension. The obtained results showed that nearly 34% of pregnant women suffer from anemia as a result of a low level of iron in their bodies, and 13% of them suffer from moderate anemia and 7% from severe anemia, while the percentage of pregnant women who did not know that they had this disease is 57%. The study noted that approximately 72% of the affected women did not suffer from any chronic diseases and that 62% of them had diabetes. The study also indicated a clear decrease in cases in the first two months of the study period and that the number of anemic women in 2020 was lower than for the same time period in 2021. The study showed that 47% of the infected women had one of their fathers with the disease.

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