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Abstract : Typhoid is an infection caused by Salmonella typhi, these type of bacteria exist in the intestines of humans. When Salmonella typhi spreads from person to person by contact with an infected person or its feces. The present study is designed to determine the levels of interleukin-17A in Iraqi patients with typhoid fever infection in Babylon province. 50 clinical samples were collected from the blood of patients with typhoid fever who attended Al-Hillah Surgical Teaching Hospital and private laboratories in AL-Hillah/Babylon province during the period from February to August 2021. This study comprised 50 seemingly healthy control individuals who appeared healthy and disease-free individuals. The average age of the patients ± standard deviation was 36.66±12.32 years old, with a range of 15-65 years old. The study shows the percentage distribution of the two study groups based on gender that there were 32 cases for males and 18 cases for females. The mean interleukin-17A concentration in the serum of patients ± standard deviation was 27.06±8.76 pg/ml while the concentration in the serum of control ± standard deviation was 13.41±5.27 pg/ml. There were significant differences when compared with the control group.

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