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Abstract : The active ingredients of aloe vera juice were flavonoids and polyphenols 5.1 mg/g and 8.6 mg/g, respectively. The experimental animals were distributed, ranging in age from 8-9 weeks and weighing 230-238 grams. These animals were distributed into three groups, in each group five animals, Where 15 animals were used in this study, in which diabetes was induced by injecting them with alloxan at a dose of 165 mg/kg of body weight. After that, daily doses of aloe vera juice were given in two doses per day, at the rate of 1 ml of aloe vera juice, orally for a period of 28 days. The weights of the animals were also measured, as their weights ranged between 230-238 g before dosing, the significant values of weight gain in the treated groups were 43.0, 35.0 and 33.3 g, respectively, while the value of the affected group was -8.3. Also, the blood sugar was estimated and its values were 435.67, 452, and 430.67 Mg/dl, respectively, for groups treated with aloe vera juice after infection, then decreased to 108.66, 128.33 and 122.33 Mg/dl, respectively, at the end of the experiment. This study aimed to know the effect of aloe vera juice on rats induced with diabetes, and to know the ability or potential of aloe vera juice to reduce some complications associated with diabetes.

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