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Abstract : Latest days of 2019, WHO was reported a cases of new pneumonia type in Wuhan City, China. On beginning of 2020, it identifies the causative agent as a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). So can many drugs company manufactured different types of vaccine or drugs against the diseases before people come into exposure with them in a rapid, safe, and effective approach. vaccination is a biological preparation known as active acquired protection to a specific infectious disease. To determine and evaluate the reasons for refusing immunization with the vaccine against COVID-19 until now in Iraq. We select 1000 participants who did refuse taking the COVID-19 vaccine from all provinces of Iraq (North, Central, and South). The study focused on the reasons for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine until now, after that we collect the obtained data in Microsoft Excel program tables then statistically analyzed as show in results using IBM SPSS Statistics version 26. Result show the Individuals aged 21-30 years were more likely to refuse immunizations than those aged 18-20 years, whereas those aged 18-20 years were less likely to refuse vaccines. The study revealed a strong relationship among education levels, individuals who have university degree higher rates of rejection vaccines depend on reasons as compared to Primary, secondary, and post-graduate degrees. It's also worth noting that the clear majority of married people said they would refuse to take the vaccine if they had to choose between the two. According to occupation, there is a significant difference between rural and countryside occupation individuals who are rejection vaccines according to reasons. The biggest cause of refusal in the current study is fear of side effects 39.4% mainly because the vaccine may harm fertility. We also, noticed that 20.4% of participants said it is personal freedom. The fearing from side effects is the main cause then other causes depend on age group or occupational, social status, education level, and gender which means the misinformation is more than the fact about the vaccination or immunization against COVID19 due to different type of social media a TV channel that shade peoples thoughts, and bad control of Iraqi government on the media sector and holding rumor mongers accountable and inciting people not to take the vaccine, and what cause a large number of deaths. Also, an important cause of refusal related to the MOH which make poor and late role in educating people about the use of vaccines, their safety, and their reliable sources, compared to the fierce attack that wants to take the vaccines.

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