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Abstract : Twenty isolates of Echerichia coli were obtained out of (55) isolates collected from urinary tract infections patients in Baghdad governorate and from different hospitals. The results detected E. coli in females at (80%) and in males at (20%); also the percentage of E. coli in terms of age showed that the rate of infection was highest in the ages of 30-39 years with a percentage of (35%) and the lowest percentage of infection wasin the range 20-29 years with a percentage of (18%), while the ages of 40-49 and 50-60 years recorded (25%) and (22%) respectively. The resistance of E. coli to (15) antibiotics was studied, and the results revealed it is resistance to Ceftazidime (86%), Ciprofloxcin (50%), Tobramicin (40%), Gentamicin (41%), Nitrofurantion (5%), Augmentin (86%), Tetracycline (70%), Imipenem (20%), meropenem (94%), Rifampcin (99%), carbencillin (98%), Cefriaxone (50%), Levofloxacin (30%), Ampicillin (95%), and Amikacin (14%). Genotyping of bacterial isolates was performed to find out the genetic relationships between the collected isolates by using ERIC-PCR technique. The results of this study found that there are 14 genotypes containing seven groups, each group containing genetically close bacterial isolates, while the other isolates contain different genotypes.

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