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Abstract : The aim of this study was to investigate the antidiabetic effect of olive leaf extract, silymarin extract with silver nanoparticle on diabetic rat at histopathological study. Silver nanoparticle were prepared via green chemistry methods using olive leaf and silymarin extract as capping and reducing agent which reduce silver nitrate (AgNo3) into silver nanoparticles. The present study included 50 rat weight range from 120 – 200 grams. Animal divided randomly into 5 group (each group=10) as follow: the first group (G1) as healthy non diabetic control (control negative) don't received any type of treatment. The other groups were treated intraperitoneally once with 120 mg/kg b.w of alloxan, then when these rats became hyperglycemic according to)Accu-check Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany), this group consider (G2) as (control positive ), (G3):Diabetic rats were treated orally daily dose(50 mg) of silver nanoparticle of olive leaf extract, (G4):Diabetic rats treated orally daily dose(16 mg) of silver nanoparticle of silymarin extract, while (G5) Diabetic rats treated orally daily dose (33 mg)of nanoparticle for both olive leaf extract and silymarin extract. At the end of the experiment after 3 months, tissue samples were taken from the pancreas, liver and kidney of all groups for histopathological study. Histopathological investigation of pancreas, liver, kidney and heart tissues of diabetic rats represented the presence of different changes in rats with induced diabetes by alloxan. Meanwhile treatment with olive leaf extract and silymarin extract for AgNPs overcome those changes.

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