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Abstract : The mental foramen is a critical vital landmark located on the lateral surface of the mandible, transmitting the mental neurovascular bundles to the surrounding tissues. The determination of number, shape and location of the mental foramen is necessary to avoid any surgical complication in this area. Usually this foramen is one in number, but accessory foramina are very common. So, this research aims to determine the incidence of these accessory mental foramina in a sample of Kurdish people in Duhok city by using the cone-beam computed tomography. In this cross-sectional retrospective study, 150 CBCT scans of healthy Kurdish people were acquired from the archive of Delight Dental Clinic in Duhok Governorate at the north of Iraq. 69 scans were of males and 81 were of females. The patients' ages ranged between 16 and 79 years old. X-Mind Prime CBCT manufactured by Acteon – Italy was used in acquisition of these scans, for the period from December 2021 to December 2022. The accessory mental foramina were set to double (two in number) and triple (three in number). These accessory mental foramina were studied according to side and gender. The overall incidence of accessory mental foramina was 6.3%. In right side was 5.3% and in left side was 7.3%. In male, the incidence of accessory mental foramina was 8.0% while in female was 4.9%. The accessory mental foramen was common in Kurdish people and the incidence was compatible with that found in several studies on different ethnic groups. The most seen number type of accessory mental foramen was double, and a case of triple was seen. No case with quadruple was noticed.

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