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Abstract : The objective of the current research is to evaluate and compare the impact resistance of heat cured resin poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA) after reinforcement with silane treated glass and polypropylene fibers. The current research carried out in vitro on 30 PMMA denture base resin specimens. Specimens were separated into three groups; control group (without fibers) and experimental groups (with fibers addition) which subdivided further into two groups based on fibers type (2.5% glass fiber) and (2.5% polypropylene fibers) with 10 samples for each group and examined for impact strength by using Charpy impact machine. The findings of this research revealed an extremely significant raising in the impact strength of heat cured acrylic resin after blending with glass and polypropylene fiber that had surface treatment. The use of silane enables more fiber inclusion, improved PMMA resin contact, and increased flexural strength. Additionally, silanized fibers have the ability to seal cracks.

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