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Abstract : The current study aimed to evaluate the association between SNP of IL-9 gene at position +176 and in patients 60 samples with thyroiditis, divided into 30 samples of hyperthyroidism, 5 male and 25 females, their age 23-60 years, and hypothyroidism patients 30 females their age 21-60 years, and controls 31 samples, 3 male and 28 females their age 18-45 years. This study showed a significant increase for both hyper and hypo groups compared with control (42.90±2.11), (41.47±2.11) and (28.0±1.55), under (P<0.05). Study showed, that homozygous CC genotype and C allele is EF for Hashimoto thyroiditis (2.20 and 1.30), with RR (23.6% and 11.9%) respectively, while the heterozygous TC genotype and allele T were considered PF from Hashimoto thyroiditis (0.32 and 0.77) respectively. The current study showed, homozygous TT genotype and T allele were considered EF for Graves' disease (4.20 and 3.56), with RR (50.8% and 52.8%) respectively. While the homozygous CC genotype and C allele recorded a significant decrease in patients CC genotype and C allele were considered PF from Graves’ disease 0.30 and 0.28 respectively. Same result recorded TC genotype (13.33%), also considered PF from Graves' disease 22.58 %. This study suggest that SNP of IL-9 gene at position +176 may have a role in pathogenic mechanisms, and an association (positive and negative) with Graves’ disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis in samples of Iraqi patients.

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