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Abstract : This study aims at the relationship generated between patients with psoriasis and depression. Sixty patients were collected from different hospitals in Thi-Qar, Iraq, with ages ranging from 30 to 60 years. The patients were distributed according to gender: 40 women and 20 males. Has been relied upon DLQI Life Quality Index Score through distributing a questionnaire to patients to assess depression and anxiety, it was found that more than 60% had a level of depression more than the average, and by analyzing the relationship between the quality of life scale and Upper Limbs' Lesions, a statistically significant relationship was found at 0.001. It should be noted that this study revealed a significant correlation between the degree of depressive activity and the severity and prevalence of psoriasis, while self-satisfaction with life reflects, to some extent, the success of adapting to the disease and mental health is closely related to the quality of life.

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