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Abstract : It has been noticed in orthopedic clinics here in Tabuk that many elderly people refuse to do joint replacement surgery when they need it because of some miss beliefs. Assessing the knowledge and concepts about risk factors will decrease the incidence of Osteoarthritis among the population above 18 years old in Tabuk city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). A cross-sectional study that was based on a survey analysis among the adult population above 18 years old in Tabuk city, Saudi Arabia. Most of the subjects agree or strongly agree (42.6%) that they have a high probability of getting osteoarthritis. The majority of respondents gain their knowledge from the internet and media while only 34% gain their knowledge from friends and public information. Most of the subjects have good knowledge about the loss of movement during OA, complications, pain, disabilities, and economic costs. The majority had good knowledge about the treatment of choice for OA. Sufficient knowledge was found among the subjects regarding the surgery and its outcomes while only 19.8% thought that joint replacement may disable OA patients. Most of the subjects have positive knowledge about the importance of trying to DX early, doing routine medical checks, and respecting the doctor's advice. The level of knowledge about OA and joint replacement surgery was adequate among the majority of subjects. Also, most Saudi participants had a good understanding of the benefits and outcomes of joint replacement surgery for improving their mobility.

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