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Abstract : Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an acute respiratory infectious disease, since the reporting of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the world health organization; the attitude, knowledge, and practice towards COVID-19 has been growing day by day. The study aim is to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practice of medical students at university of Tikrit about COVID-19 in order to increase the awareness and help them to correct undesirable measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. This cross-section study was performed on 188 Iraqi undergraduate medical students at university of Tikrit, which was surveyed using an online self- administered questionnaire on google form distributed throughout social media of the college of medicine. The collected data was analyzed and constructed using Microsoft programs and by manual statistical methods. This study revealed that 69.68% of medical students were not infected with COVID-19, while the remaining infected students about 78.95% of them were in the 4th-6th academic year of study. 50% of the students have a doubt about COVID-19 existence, while those who believe in its existence about 79% of them believe that it is highly contagious disease. About 65.95% of the students are committed to practice the preventive measures and only 37.09% of them have been infected with COVID-19. The undergraduate medical students in the university of Tikrit had a good attitude, practice and behaviors of preventive measures towards COVID-19, but some of the students didn’t believe in COVID-19, had poor and ineffective preventive methods, so that resulted in infection of some of them with COVID-19.

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