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Abstract : The workers in the field of health, especially nurses, are considered the first line of prevention (the White Army) in facing health challenges because of their direct contact with the disease and the patient. They play a fundamental role in preventing the spread of COVID 19 by providing appropriate care and required preventive measures. The study to assess nurse's knowledge about COVID-19 patients in the intensive care. To achieve the aims of the current investigation, a cross-sectional descriptive study design was used, with knowledge questions provided to 40 participants to complete beginning on (15 April 2020 to 20 August 2020). To achieve the ultimate aim and make use of the instrument of the electronic research questionnaire tailored to the purpose of collecting data for the research study connected to COVID-19, it is consist of two sections: Section one: Self-Administered Survey Sheet Regarding Descriptive Characteristics of the Nurse Working (age, gender, years of experience, location of employment, and level of education). Section two: the knowledge survey comprised (35) items about COVID-19. A total of (40) nurses were enrolled in this study, with a mean age of (34.17 ± 8.77) years, most of them were male (85 %), the majority of them had less than five years' experience (67.5%), the highest percentage of nurses (70%) working in the morning shift. The majority of them had a university education level (75%)—the most significant number of nurses working in Ibn Sina Hospital. Most nurses do not have a course of knowledge about the COVID 19 virus by 70%. They showed adequate knowledge about COVID 19. The significant majority of nurses have a sufficient understanding of COVID-19. The ministry of health authorities should put education interventions and campaigns required for healthcare workers in the hospitals and health centres to know and protect from COVID 19.

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