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Abstract : Chemotherapy is a proven prodigy for the treatment of carcinoma but it can possess certain deleterious effects on the healthcare professionals while on constant exposure. Being frontline workers, nursing officers continuously come in contact with these chemotherapeutic agents. Determine of Nurses' Knowledge About chemotherapy drugs (CDs) and The Safe Administration. The current study was conducted in Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia City- Syria. The study comprised of 50 nurses in chemotherapy department. The tools used in the study was constructed by the researchers to achieve the purpose of the study which include three parts; part one consist of demographic data of the nurses (5) items, part two consist of general information regarding chemotherapy drugs (15) items, part three consist of nurses' knowledge regarding safe chemotherapy administration (16) items. The current study showed that the majority of nurses do not know that chemotherapy leads to delayed wound healing, and that it works to destroy cancer cells and healthy cells in the body. 74% of nurses had poor level of general knowledge about (CDs). Also this study showed that most of nurses do not know that(CDs) should not be stored in the preparation room, and the (CDs) should be prepared on a high table surface. Most of nurses had poor level of general knowledge regarding chemotherapy drugs, also majority of them had a poor level knowledge regarding safe chemotherapy administration.

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