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Abstract : This study was done to partial purification Creatine kinase(CK-MB) from serum of myocardial infection patients and study enzyme kinetics under different conditions, a specimens were taken from the intensive care unit at Salah El-Din General Hospital for patients with myocardial infarction between 1/11/2021 and 28/2/2022 and the purification process by Sephadex G100 .the results of Kinetic studies showed that the optimal concentration of substrate was (100mmol), the Michael’s-Menten constant was (Km=47.1mmol), and the maximum velocity was (Vmax=24.1 U/L), whereas the optimum temperature was (37°C) and the ideal pH was (7.3). Where the above practical results showed the activity of the enzyme at different pH, temperature and concentration of substrate concentration.

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