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Abstract : Homogeneity Index (HI) is one of the objective tools that evaluate the homogeneous distribution of dose in the target volume (TV). Therefore, it is used to assess the quality of different treatment plans. This research aimed to study the dependence the HI as comparative tool for evaluating the optimization of different 3DCRT plans for parotid glands’ tumors. This research included (11) patients with parotid gland tumors. Patients have been subjected to a CT simulation and the scans were fed to the radiotherapy planning system. The TV of each patient was contoured to perform five 3DCRT plans for each case. The value of HI was calculated for each plan, and the HI values were statistically analyzed. The third applied plan (Ipsilateral mixed electron - photon beams) provided the highest HI value as compared to the other four 3DCRT techniques. The 3DCRT planning techniques of the increased photon beams provide the maximum dose distribution homogeneity to the planning target volume of the parotid gland.

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