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Abstract : Over the past three decades, obesity has gained attention as a serious public health concern. Obesity and overweight in childhood greatly enhance the likelihood of becoming overweight as an adult. It is a condition defined by excessive fat deposition or storage in the fat tissue. Obesity is usually caused by eating more food than one's body requires. The study aims to determine the Prevalence of overweight and obesity among Telafer City adolescents. Patients and Methods: During the 2022 academic year, a cross-sectional study was conducted in Telafer City, Iraq, on adolescent students to estimate the Prevalence of obesity and overweight. All adolescents' weight and height were checked, and their body mass index (BMI) was calculated. A customized questionnaire was used to get gender, age, and school-level information. Results: Obesity was observed in 15.3% of participants, more males than females. Overweight was observed in 14.5% of participants, more females than males. Conclusion: Telfer City has high obesity and overweight among adolescents. Health centers and TV programs must work together to educate the community about the problem and how to treat it.

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