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Abstract : The psychological problems among the juvenile delinquents are common and had serious effect on their life style and behaviors. So, the juveniles are more vulnerable to psychological problems. The study aimed to identify and detect the psychological problems among juveniles delinquent who brought to Al-Najaf Juveniles Delinquent Court and severity on them. Descriptive study (cross-sectional) conducted in Al-Najaf Juveniles Delinquent Court and the non-probability sample included about 54 juveniles delinquent who is judgment by Probation Officer in specific duration and place. The study used brief symptoms inventory 53 items scale and questionnaire about their demographics characteristics that related to the study. The study finds majority of juveniles had some psychological problems like paranoid and psychoticism had the highest rated among them about (59.3%) and followed by phobic, depression and anxiety approximately by (50%) of them; then Hostility Somatization, Obsession compulsion about (40%) and finally the additional domains by (18.5%). While the all juveniles reported were not used illegal drugs. The study concluded that majority of them were healthy as physically and not used the alcoholic and drugs, as well as, some of them had a symptoms of psychological problems and needs to investigate and confirm by psychiatric specialist in the mental health unit. The study recommended to make the psychotherapy as a part of procedures of justice system laws and activate the psychiatric unit and early detection of psychiatric symptoms among children and youth in program of primary health care system.

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