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Abstract : On silicon Si (111) substrates, different sized crystalline Nickel Oxide (NiO) and Cobalt Oxide (CoO) were electrochemically deposited. The deposition time with continuous applied current significantly altered the crystal's shape and size, and consequently its structural properties. The crystalline-like of manufactured nanostructures revealed NiO and CoO structures with distinct crystal densities and energy gaps. We investigated the properties of samples deposited using a facile and simple processing method. Highly dense NiO and CoO nanocrystals were produced on Si (111) substrates in a two-step procedure that included electrochemical deposition of Ni and Co ions followed by oxidization in a furnace under ambient oxygen. Field emission scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction were used to analyze the shape and structure of the generated nanocrystals. According to the findings, grafting causes a more homogenous distribution of crystal grains, an increase in bonding, and a decrease in the energy gap value. 1.95 eV to 1.875 eV.

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