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Abstract : For many decades, peoples believe that heart is non-proliferative organ. Once damage, it can’t reverse its function. Function of the heart will decrease alongside reduction number of functional cardiomyocytes. Presently, the therapy’s objective is to preserve the heart function with long-life medicine and/or cardiac intervention/surgery. There is evidence that a fraction of cardiomyocytes may reenter the cell cycle and that partial regeneration can occur by recruiting stem cells. Furthermore, endogenous repair mechanisms imply that cardiac repair may be therapeutically accomplished in clinical settings. Extensive research is being done to explain their efficacy and practical use. However, some clinicians may consider these novel ideas as mere curiosities and many limitations found from current treatment protocols, especially in adverse condition. This article is a mini review about stem cell treatment for some cardiovascular disease, some evidence in invitro studies and their challenges and hopes for cardiovascular treatment in the future.

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