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Abstract : In humans, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are still the second most prevalent kind of bacterial infection. They afflict persons of all ages and usually necessitate immediate medical attention. Because of the impaired defense mechanism, Asymptomatic urinary tract infections are more prevalent in hemodialysis (HD) patients with chronic renal failure. The study's goal was to isolate and identify Escherichia coli from chronic kidney patients, as well as to establish the existence and genotype of virulence genes (cnf, hly, aer, pap) in Escherichia coli uropathogens. In this study, 150 clinical samples were collected in total chronic kidney patients. UPEC was isolated on MacConkey and EMB agar, then further identified by a microscopic examination and the VITEK-2 System. Escherichia coli uropathogens were identified using specific primers. The study found 27 (12.0%) CKD patients infected with bacteria and 123 (54.7%) CKD patients not infected with bacteria. Amplification of aer gene found 8 (29.62%) in 27 isolated and hly gene was approximated at 2 (7.40%). CNF gene in E. coli did not found in all isolates. The prevalence of pap virulence genes was found in 6 (22.22%) of the 27 isolates. The registered sequencing of these genes in NCBI under ID were hly gene Lc699243.1, pap gene Lc699244.1, aer gene Lc699245.1.

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