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Abstract : The results of epidemiological studies suggest the immunomodulatory effect of vitamin D in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It would seem that vitamin D deficiency is frequent in RA and that there is an inverse relationship between the occurrence and activity of RA and the serum vitamin D level. It is in this context that our prospective study on the Moroccan population allows to have a global knowledge on the association between vitamin D and RA. This is a descriptive study of vitamin D status in patients with RA in whom blood samples were taken by serum 25(OH)D determination. The data collected were anonymized and entered into SPSS software. X2 and ANOVA tests were used to investigate the existence of correlations between vitamin D status and age, gender, socio-educational level, place of residence, RA activity and pain intensity. 122 patients with RA were included in this study with a female predominance of 67.2%, mainly between 36 and 55 years of age (42.62%), 52% of whom had secondary education, 85% of whom lived in urban areas and more than 70% of whom were vitamin D deficient. The relationship between low serum vitamin D and RA exists. Our study concluded that there is an association between hypovitaminosis D and RA; however, further randomized studies are needed and in the meantime, clinicians could propose vitamin D supplementation in the therapeutic arsenal of patients with RA.

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