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Abstract : Soil samples contaminated with crude oil were randomly collected from different areas of Kirkuk governorate, where soil samples were taken from areas contaminated with oil leaks. Samples were collected from a depth of about (0-20) cm by spaghulia, at a rate of about (500) grams, and the samples were placed in polycarbonate bags. Sterilized Ethylene and the required information (sample number, date, weight) were written on it. It was transferred to the laboratory and kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 ° C until its use. Bacteriological tests were carried out to isolate bacteria, identify and diagnose bacteria, phenotypic and microscopic diagnosis, and biochemical diagnostic tests were conducted, most of which were positive and others were positive. Negative and three types of bacteria were isolated and diagnosed, they are 1NSS mutual sullicabineaP 3NSS sulimup Sullivan 2NSS axel aits trip, and they were named in the Center for Biotechnology (IPSN), and the third type is.

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