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Abstract : This research refers to the study effect of vibration resulting from the rock crushing device on human health by studying the effect on the blood parameters of workers on this device for a period ranging from ten years and above. Samples were collected from people working in rock breakers (Jackhammer) in several areas of the province on 10/5/2020 and the results were as follows, After collecting the samples, we performed some tests on them to find the difference between the people who work in the rock crushers and the people who do not work in them, and the difference was between them. Mg / dL (120 - 145). For those who do not work in this field, the percentage of fats is mg / glitter (150-180). The albumin testing sites are in a relative increase, but also within the natural limit for people working in rock crushers. The ratio was between g / dL (4.5-5.5). The places of ordinary people were g / dL (3.4 - 4.4). As for the rest of the checks, they were close Most likely natural.

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