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Abstract : Candida Albicans is considered an opportunistic fungus which affects human as it may cause infections for different parts of the human body, during this study, this type of fungi has been isolated from the genital area for some pregnant women at Gynecology and Obstetrics department / Al Batool teaching hospital / Mosul city. Certain methods have been used to confirm the presence of this fungus; some methods were by inspection through the clinical examination while others were microscopically done. All isolates that have been collected at the mentioned hospital were compared with the standard isolates of the same fungus at the Laboratory department / Mosul Technical Institute. These procedures were done at different periods during 2019 as they were done between January to May inclusively. An antagonist properties for mint and Garlic extracts were examined against the growth of Candida Albicans through the exposure of Candida Albicans culture to saturated tablets with the extracts of both Mint and Garlic with daily monitoring as the results showed that the fungus growth has been ceased completely after 8 days, moreover, during the monitoring phase there was gradual distance between the Fungus and the saturated tablets with extracts which means that the plant extracts obviously affected the fungus growth but with different levels of affection.

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