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[This article belongs to Volume - 136, Issue - 01]

Abstract : <p>The Indonesian nursing calling enters another stage in 2014 with the affirmed of the Nursing Law and one of the usage of the Demonstration is the INNCT for all nursing graduates. The advantage of the INNCT it effect on the medical caretakers, yet additionally customers and nursing administrations since nursing care are given by qualified attendants. Usage of the competency test has been confronting a few difficulties particularly identified with the low passing rate. The low passing rate turns into the principle worry of all nursing schools since this outcome as a picture of the organization. The reason for this investigation is to decide the foreseeing factors in the presentation of national competency test. Engaging quantitative research configuration was applied. Members in the investigation were graduate attendants of Workforce of Nursing in Pelita Harapan College who go to the national competency test. The measurement test indicated huge connection between's scholastic accomplishment (Scholarly GPA, proficient GPA, English ability score, and tryout) and the national competency test, while segment information demonstrated no huge relationship.</p>

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