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Abstract : Autism Spectrum Disorder is a rare neurodevelopmental turmoil categorized by the wide spectrum of deficits in public speech, behavior, and communication. There are numerous theories concerning action of ASD but the main etiology of ASD stay unidentified. The period from May to October in 2020, fifty-two kids were involved in this study. They were 40 males and 12 females who are suffering from ASD. They were from Basra and their ages were ranged from (6-12 yrs). According to Arabic version of Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Their damage were categorized from mild into moderate. They weren't suffering from any physical or mental disorder, even they have no family psychiatric history. EEG test (electroencephalogram) used to evaluation of the autistic children to exclude any abnormal discharges which may not clinically detected (not cause seizure), the abnormality may appear as, focal or general cerebral slowing, focal or general epileptical discharges. This study aimed to compare groups of abnormal EEG finding in ASD children in relation with CARS test values. The comparative data revealed no significant difference between means of the demographic data (age, gender, BMI, EEG), the comparison of means of normal and abnormal EEG finding with CARS test show no significant difference, also the comparison of means of different types of abnormal EEG with CARS test also show no significant difference.

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