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Abstract : Most studies had been used dissolution test since it is one of the most important quality control tests performed on pharmaceutical dosage forms and is now developing into a tool for predicting bioavailability, and in some cases, replacing clinical studies to determine bioequivalence. Dissolution behavior of drugs has a significant effect on their pharmacological activity. In fact, a direct relationship between in vitro dissolution rate of many drugs and their bioavailability has been demonstrated and is generally referred to as in vitro-in vivo correlation, IVIVC. In an attempt to study the possible changes that can improve the bioavailability of aspirin, decrease gastric side effect and provide a rapid effect in our study, we tried to collect many researches and benefit from previous experiences. Practical plan of the study was designed, and dissolution test was the corner stone of our plan. The study path was changed during COVID-19 pandemic existence to a theoretic review. The study is designed in a way to explore, in a comparative manner, the impact of excipients and dosage form formulations on aspirin’s dissolution rate and aimed to provide prospective studies with the required information that mirror the effect of formulation changes on the in vivo performance via dissolution studies.

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