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Abstract : <p>The preparatory year (PY) plays an important role in students&rsquo; preparation for university level academic studies, since studying in medical programs is challenging and students need to be able to overcome obstacles in their studies. One way to facilitate the transition to full medical programs is to include medical terminology (MT) in the PY. The study investigates the importance of including MT in the PY for students planning to study at any of health colleges at Najran University. A cross-sectional study was designed to include at least 25 students and 12 members of teaching staff from each of the health college at Najran University. An electronic survey using Google forms was used to ask students and members of teaching staff questions related to the importance of MT in the PY for health colleges&rsquo; students. A significant number of the teaching staff mentioned that students were below the required level because of lack of English language proficiency as well as the difficulty in specialty courses is an issue. Also, a significant proportion of teaching staff and students reported that the inclusion of MT in the PY would improve students&rsquo; academic performance. MT should be introduced in the PY to facilitate the study journey for students who wish to continue in health colleges, since this will facilitate students&rsquo; understanding of medical terms and contribute in raising the level of students.</p>

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