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Abstract : The phenomena of delinquency among youth are increased and had impacts of their families and their communities, as well as the quality of life of them, is had a vital role as a cause for delinquency. The study aimed to study the quality of life of juvenile delinquents and find out the relationship between their characteristics and their quality of life. A descriptive-analytic study design is conducted on the juveniles delinquency in Al-Najaf juvenile court and a purposive sample involvement about 54 juveniles who attained to Al-Najaf juvenile court and agreed to participate in the study by interview during the probation officer session. The study tool is used the WHO-QoL brief scale Arabic version. The study finds there is insignificance between overall QoL-Brief and some-personal characteristics like their age, if they had health problems diagnosed, the follow up with social worker, level education, residence, gender, marital status and monthly income; while there is significance with smoking habits and job and order of juveniles among siblings. The study concluded that according to their rated the physical, psychological and environmental domains are fairly and the social relationships domain is rated as a good, this give us a good indicator and maybe increase the chance of rehabilitating and integrating the juveniles after ending the duration of follow-up with a social worker and correction behaviors because there is a positive relationship between the delinquency behavior and QoL.

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