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Abstract : The aim of this study was to assess the quality of some selected ibuprofen products in community pharmacies in Iraq. Different parameters of quality control of pharmaceutical products can guarantee the quality and bioavailability and optimal therapeutic activity. Used quality control parameters, i.e., the variation of weight, friability, disintegration time, dissolution time were tested in vitro. The weight range was (0.56-0.60) g, (0.26-0.33) g, (0.48-0.54) g for Apifen (Ajanta) (400), Apifen (Ajanta) (200), and ibuprofen (flamingo) (400) respectively. Disintegration time was (18min, 17min, and 13min) for Apifen (Ajanta) (400), Apifen (Ajanta) (200), and ibuprofen (flamingo) (400) respectively. Dissolution time at 0.1 N HCL 12.9, 12.2, 18.5, For Apifen (Ajanta) 200 mg, Apifen (Ajanta) 400mg, Ibuprofen 400mg and the dissolution time at Phosphate buffer pH6.8 88.7, 86.6, 90.2 Apifen200mg, Apifen 400 mg, Ibuprofen 400mg. The results showed that all products fulfill the given specification of pharmacopeia (USP-NF) which its dissolution rate was less % in USP (85%after 30min) in phosphate buffer and in 0.1N HCL (18% after 30 min) for ibuprofen(flamingo). Disintegration of ibuprofen 400(flamingo) showed the quickest disintegration while Apifen (400) the slowest.

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