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Abstract : <p>Helicobacter pylori is one of a risky bacteria that may lead to cancer. In this study, a total of 120 patients infected with H. pylori bacteria attended Baghdad Teaching Hospital during the period from 1st February to 15 September 2021. The Ages between (20-31) was more infected than other ages. The level of H. pylori among females 67 (55.3 %) was higher than males 53 (44.7%) with no significant difference (P&gt;0.05). The mean BMI &plusmn; SD among the control group was (29.48 &plusmn; 5.33) and among patients was (27.99 &plusmn; 4.55), and the hypertension rate among patients was (23.3%) and among the controls was (16.4%). The prevalence rate of Diabetes mellitus among the patients was (13.7%), while it was (9.1%) among the controls, The thyroid dysfunction rate was (5.11%) among the patients, while it was (3.6%) among the controls. However, the renal/liver disease rate among the patients was (3.3%), but it was (9.1%). the association between SNPs of IL1B gene (T-31C) and infection with H. pylori. There was a significant association between H. pylori infection and T-31C (P&lt;0.05). There was a significantly higher frequency of TT genotype in the patient&rsquo;s group (50.4%) in comparison with the control group (38.88%), and there was an association between homozygotes TT state and the higher H. pylori infection risk in comparison with other genotypes. PCR was used for amplification of IL-1&beta; gene, specific primers were used. The product was amplified with 240bp in region (TC; dbSNP: rs1143627).</p>

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