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Abstract : The transmembrane protein nephrin that plays an essential role in both structural and signalling functions for the podocyte. Our study aimed to evaluate the utility of urinary nephrin level as a biomarker of renal activity in patients with lupus nephritis. This study included prospective clinical and pathological evaluation of 32 adult patients with the clinical diagnosis of lupus nephritis. Clinical and laboratory assessment included: Full history taking, routine clinical examination, SLE Disease Activity Index (SLEDAI), urinary nephrin levels measurement using ELISA technique, serum creatinine, serum albumin, liver function tests, urinary 24-hour protein, anti-dsDNA titre, ESR and CRP. Median (interquartile) of urinary nephrin level were 255 (275-290) ng/ml. Urinary nephrin level was not significantly different between males and females (P: 1). Also, it was not significantly correlated with age (rho: -0.004, P: 0.9), serum creatinine, 24 hour urinary protein. Regarding pathological parameters, urinary nephrin level was not significantly correlated with either activity index, chronicity index, or the individual score of lesions of activity or chronicity. Value of urinary nephrin level may be influenced by the used method for measurement. The utility of this biomarker among Egyptian patients with lupus nephritis still needs further validation.

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