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[This article belongs to Volume - 136, Issue - 03]

Abstract : <p>The current research aimed at identifying the relationship between violence towards medical staff and their job satisfaction. The sample was 519 of the medical staff working in the hospitals of Baghdad governorate in Rusafa. Two measurement procedures were made for this, the first one was to measure the violence against medical staff, and the second one measured job satisfaction of the medical staff, it included (17) items according to the coefficient of the five-pound lycra (5 strongly agree to 1 strongly disagree) and the coefficient of alpha-chromium stability of the scale was 0.89 was calculated. Results showed that verbal violence was more that the medical staff face from patients and their relatives, especially male doctors, than the physical violence. The results showed that the sample has job satisfaction and there were statistically significant differences in job satisfaction between males and females which showed that male doctors have job satisfaction more than female ones. The study concluded that there was no relationship between violence towards medical staff and job satisfaction.</p>

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